Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ufomammut interview for This Is Not A Scene

Ufomammut Talks To ThisIsNotAScene

John Toolan was very impressed with “Oro: Opus Primum”, by Italian psychedelic doom/postcore outfit Ufomammut. Reason enough to have a friendly chat with all three members, namely Urlo, Poia and Vira. They all answered John’s questions on the latest album, Supernatural Cat, working with Neurot and discovering new music…

As I mentioned in my review for TINAS many of the tracks on “Oro: Opus Primum” are dense with sound, how much of that is predetermined and how much is layered upon afterwards?

Urlo: We give a fundamental importance to our sound. We love to layer our music, making it grow and grow seeing how far we can go. “ORO” was born from the idea of riffing and riffing on the riffs, creating different parts and sounds from the same riffs, adding and expanding.

Poia: In the beginning of the process of song composition, we use only drums, bass and guitar. Then little by little, the song became “hungry”, it needs to became bigger, it needs more sounds.

The electronics and the sampled vocal add a sinister almost menacing feel to some of the tracks, is it your intention to create that particular atmosphere, or is it the product of what naturally come out of an Ufomammut session?

Poia: This menacing vibe has always been peculiar in our music. This makes our evil side more hearable, a sort of natural reaction to the fact we are good and boring guys in our regular lives.

Urlo: It’s the natural result of our sessions and “home studying”. I must admit I love to think about our music as an evil epic piece. Something disturbing and making You feel something is gonna happen in Your mind.

Vita: All our songs were born from a session in our rehearsal room, nothing is planned, what we play comes from our hearts. That’s our way to write music....

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