Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dimesland - Creepmoon EP review

Dimesland - Creepmoon

Imagine if you will an EP of tunes that batter you from your speakers with colossal, thrashing guitar riffs that scythe through each piece, over frantic drum patterns in a variety of awkward and disparate time signatures and blastbeats. Add a hammering bass line and a side order of discord, and you get some idea of what to expect from this eventful debut release from Oakland, California based Dimesland. Featuring former members of The Residents and Wild Hunt, Dimesland were formed in 2006 by guitarists Nolan and Drew Cook, and, after a number of line up changes, have established themselves together with bassist Greg Brace and drummer Harland Burkhart.

“Trophy Wives under the Influence”, “Unseen Architects” flow through the listeners ears with a hint of chaos, but, afforded enough time and effort, indicate technical proficiency and efficiency that is hard to dismiss.  “Revlev” “Degradation Suite” provides a short interlude of dissonance, with a hint of science fiction, desolation and the occasional peculiar extraterrestrial voice sample, before “Ghastly Manoeuvring” and “Orange” brings us back to more recognizable terrain.

The production is flawlessly crude in nature and is not too clinical, which suits the mood of this EP perfectly. Creepmoon is hard to categorise as traditional progressive music as it transcends the accepted boundaries that that term implies. There is an immense amount of chaos and excitement about these 18 minutes, but the chaos never at any time feels uncontrolled. Dimesland may have released a truly original piece of abstract and tentative work that goads the listener away from mere genre defining and into unsullied, exhilarating territory. “Puzzlement, Dissonance, Vexation” their biography claims. Quite.

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