Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Duality - Chaos Introspection review


The opening track on this latest EP release from Duality Chaos Introspection leads the listener to consider they are in for some good old fashioned rasping vocal riding on angular, mathematical riffs and blast beat drum patterns. “01 10 66 40_5” however is broken up with passages of what can only be described in terms of jazz phraseology and ambient cycles of mood. The second track “Chaos Introspection” additionally confuses the listener with a minute of Latin flavoured rock that would not be out of place on an early release by Carlos Santana. When the gypsy violin is brought into the mix, the listener, by now, is either bewildered beyond reason, or intrigued to explore further. Whereas now “Institute of Disorder” returns to familiar ground with multifaceted time signatures riffs and guitar lines that veer off at tangents and commanding, whilst intricate and defined, percussion. That is, until the track again turns a corner and slows into something more ambient in nature, again to return to violent and dissonant passages.

“Natural Seizure Syndrome”, “Hybrid Regression” and “Institute of Disorder”, the final three tracks on this EP are lengthier and essentially allow the songs to jump from genre to genre, tempo to tempo and mood to mood without them feeling crowed and frenzied. Each one of these pieces is similarly fabricated from passages of wildly disparate styles, but which together, form the character and the spirit of the sound of Duality. Formed in 2003, this is their second EP release after “Dual Aggression Seed”. Academically, mixing Latin, jazz, ambient and metal into one short collection of tunes could send the regular listener running for cover behind more pedestrian material,  but this release, however, proves that what looks chaotic on paper, can sound glorious to the enthusiastic ear.

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