Friday, 2 December 2011

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Formed in 2002, this is the third album release from Dutch band Nemesea, and opens with the title track, a whispering curiosity which leaves the listener, who may never have encountered the band previously, wondering where they will be led subsequently. Any curiosity is quickly swept away with the introduction of “Caught in the Middle”, a lush combination of symphonic keyboard and impassioned vocal, which being infectious in nature, has the perfect radio friendly essence. Lovers of the extravagant and flamboyant ballad will not be disappointed by “If You Could, “I Live” and “High Enough”, and devotees of the 80’s Casio beat will be enthralled to hear “Release Me”. Marcus Klavan and Mat Litwin from Bulletproof Messenger bring additional vocal and turntable skills to “It’s Over”, and help alter the course of the album away from more pedestrian melodic rock. The dual female vocal on “High Enough”, featuring Charlotte Wessels from Delain, assists in adding a further layer again to prevent the flow of the album descending into sugary insignificance.   The real surprise for the enduring listener is the final track “Allein”, however, with its menacing industrial Germanic feel courtesy of Heli Reissenweber of the Rammstein tribute band Stahlzeit, which, on hearing the piece, makes perfect sense. The title track and “2012” are the real leftfield additions to the album, with spoken word passages, digitally enhanced vocals, soundscapes of industrial noise providing a welcome reprieve to those who require a little more experimentation from their music......

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