Thursday, 8 December 2011

Anal C**t - The Old Testament

From 1988 until the sad death of Seth Putnam in June 2011, Anal Cunt had been releasing an influential yet aggressive blend of abrasive and confrontational noise. Later albums began to see the band “mellow”, if that is the right word, into more recognisable song structures. “The Old Testament” is a collection of demos, live performances and split single tracks covering the bands career up until 1991, and the listener would be hard pressed to describe many of the tunes within this miscellany as recognisably songs. The opening track “1st Demo” is chaotic and apoplectic and one is reminded that there is possibly some structure to the pieces as there are a number of drum stick clicks to count the tracks in. “5643 Song EP” and “88 Song EP” although less chaotic, wreak havoc and show a band at the height of their uncompromising game....

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