Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Skin Like Iron/Nails Split 7" EP review for Alternative Matter

An absolute treat for the devotee of melodic yet satisfyingly aggressive hardcore, this 7” split EP between California’s Nails and San Francisco’s Skin Like Iron delivers both over its’ four tracks. Of the two bands, Nails appear to be evidently the more devastating in their approach, and their two tracks “Annihilation” and “Cry Wolf” leave the listener overwhelmed following the landslide of violence. Nails already have one full length release under their belt on Southern Lord and are apparently working on a follow up in the first part of 2012. None the less effective, but adopting a more sedate verse/chorus approach, the two offerings from Skin Like Iron, are built up from multiple temp changes and layers of song structure that do not assault the listener in the same way as their colleagues. Skin Like Iron have a number of releases to investigate on React and Six Feet Under records. The EP itself, it seems, is limited to 1000 vinyl pressings only, and should be sought out by anyone interested in where hardcore music could be careering into in 2012. The two bands come at the EP from different angles but together achieve an ear blistering whole.

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