Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cholera - Prophecies of Annihilation review

Cholera - Prophecies Of Annihilation

In 2009, whilst the band themselves were 16 years of age, Ottawa based Cholera released their first EP “Enslaved Humanity”. “Prophecies of Annihilation” is their first full length release and is indicative of the maturity they posses whilst still not even in their twenties.

The album opens with the 9 minute “Road into the Fire”, a maelstrom of lightning guitar solos and riffs which are mathematical in their execution, but maintain an organic, Middle Eastern feel. This sense of humanity is augmented by the raw, grubby production throughout. There are several remarkable passages within the track “Enslaved Humanity” that flourish upon hammering riffs, interspersed with majestic keyboard passages, which leave the listener wondering where the music will be leading them next....

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