Thursday, 22 March 2012

Peter Matuchniak - Uncover Me review for This Is Not A Scene

Peter  Matuchniak - Uncover Me

Based in Orange County, California, Peter Matuchniak’s music has been described as being influenced by the variety of sounds he was exposed to at home, jazz, rock, classical and the current radio friendly “hits”, although, one could argue, this hardly goes without saying. In the 1980’s he formed part of the so called “neo-progressive“ movement, in bands such as Janysium and Mach One.

“Uncover Me”, his latest release, is bookended by two parts of “Landscape Burning”, “Falling Ash” and “Rising Sun”. “Falling Ash” explodes into a fanfare of extravagance and occasion with searing guitar lines drifting above luxurious, soulful female vocal lines somewhat reminiscent of those found on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. The chord progressions are elegant and the arrangements lavish with a myriad of instrumentation. “Running Blind” has a straight forward power ballad feel which is interspersed with leftfield passages, keeping it exciting and innovative....

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