Monday, 26 March 2012

Philm - Harmonic review for This Is Not A Scene

Philm - Harmonic

In an age of instant widespread communication, there a few surprises. Play “Harmonic” from start to finish and describe what you hear, with no preconceptions. The music is reminiscent of that created in a diminutive recording studio, on vintage equipment using little or no trickery with no obvious pretensions. The tracks are unrefined, almost improvisational in construct, but display craftsmanship and practical skill that push them up above the more pedestrian.

“Vitriolize” begins brooding, dark and menacing before a pounding rhythm and blistering guitar alter the mood significantly. There is much despondency and dissonances here to unease the listener, yet provoke the interest of those willing to pay attention. The drums are not extravagant or overstated and are probably the result of years of experience. “Held in Light” has a gothic feel that comes leftfield so early in the album, but which features vocal that has the strength to bridge the gap between the ethereal and the aggression. “Dome” is a perfect marrying together of styles which have characterised the album so far, there are passages of controlled hostility and unearthly despondency in perfect balance....

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